Trecho premiado en el FSC ITALIA DESIGN AWARD



Trecho, con la colaboración de las Diseñadoras Industriales: Ana Maldonado y Cirene Jiménez, participa en el concurso FSC ITALIA DESIGN AWARD, con nuestra propuesta de Madera certificada.


KALI (”home” in Nahuatl language) is a design concept generated from the analysis of living together as family and management of forest resources in Mexico.

Family coexistence is the first approach of children to social interaction; they carry it out in different areas of the house; it’s the bedroom where the children begin to develop social skills, which are connected to their physical growth.

The project’s insight is the relation between child growth and the parents furniture consumption made to meet the needs of their children. The problem is the short term obsolescence of these objects which leads them to be thrown away.

Certified wood in Mexico is expensive due to a illegal market, a lack of sensibilization regarding the benefits of forest conservation and a lack of innovation in certified wood products.


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